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gaining weight in recovery from bulimia


I am so afraid of recovery, for as many of you, I "go bananas" from the term "weight gain". It's common in recovery, so I need to know how much can I gain if I eat small portions more times a day (like soup,cornflakes...) I had lost almost 20kgs and remaining low weight (you know how).


Shaye Says

Hi there!

It is normal to gain a little weight during recovery... But often this is actually just fluid. Bulimics are normally so dehydrated that when we start holding things in - our bodies are able to hydrate all their cells.

During my recovery (which took one year to be fully 100% recovered..) I gained about 3kg's... And, if you ask me it's the best trade I ever made!

Try to remember that your weight is just a number on the scale... In fact - throw your scales away! Go by how good you feel, how confident, energetic and alive!

Trust me - life is so much better without the burden of bulimia!

All the best!

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