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from anorexia to bulimia...

by kg
(united states)

I suffered from anorexia for about a year and a half before my family noticed. When they figured out my little trick, they took me to the doctors office. From then on, everything went down hill. I lost more and more weight until I came to the point of almost dying. My parents sent me to an impatient unit in Chapel Hill. I was out of school for almost a whole semester, and as you can imagine, at my school rumors spread like a wild fire. It was extremely hard, and I cried every single day.

Finally, I gained enough weight to come back home. However, while I was at home I still had to continue gaining. There were many times where my doctor threatened to sent me back impatient. I managed to maintain a high enough weight to stay out of the hospital.

Without the eating disorder in my life, I didn't really have a way to cope with my emotions. So I turned to binge eating. I had to gain weight so this was a good thing, right? WRONG. Now this has taken over my life. After I binge I feel horrible, extremely fat, and disgusting. However, I always turn back to binging each night. After each binge I will do anything to get rid of what I have just consumed. I throw up, I work out excessively, and I fast the whole next day. It is a horrible way to live, but yet it's so hard to live without.

I know that what I am doing is wrong, but I don't know how to fix it. My parents do not know I am bulimic yet, but they will find out soon enough if I let this get out of control. Please pray for me, because I am still struggling every single day.

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