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by Andreea

Hi I'm Andreea , I'm 18 and I think I'be been bulimic for a couple of months.I know it's not much but I don't want to let years pass because I already can't take it anymore. The big problem is I'm obsessed with sweets and wheat based foods , such as white bread. Everything started probably after a couple of moths last year when I used to eat only healthy food while keeping quite a strict diet but then I wasn't even attracted to chocolate or bread. Now I can't let a day pass without eating some and I keep telling myself after every binge/purge that this is the last time I'm doing it but it doesn't stop. I also feel fat and I'm really anxious that I'll put on weight if I stop but I really want to recover, I love doing sports , I even like eating salads and fruits , but when the sweet is near me I just cannot control myself...

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