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I have had bulimia for nearly 3 years nothing compared to most. i have started therapy to help me recover and i have nearly finished and im stil bulimic and unable to go a week without vomiting but im so much better then 6 months ago!

i just wanted to say thank you to Shaye for this website and the online book, before i was able to get help i searched and searched for some sort of help online and found nothing. so thank you so much you amazing giving people help for free and allowing those who suffer from bulimia to over come it! your amazing for that alone

the thing is everyone suggests that to overcome bulimia friends and family are key, but i dont have a good relationship with my family, they know i have bulimia but are not concerned, they dont ask me anything about my therapy or my recovery nothing! the only person who has helped me is my boyfriend but i know he sometimes feels like he is helpless to help me and doesnt know what to do. i brought him a book specifically for those supporting someone with bulimia but he has only read 2 chapters! i have talk talk to him about reading the book until im blue in the face, because he says he doesnt understand and doesnt know how to help and although he can he has a hard time talking about his feelings, thoughts, etc.

so my question is can anyone give me advice as to what i or he can do because i am trying to recover but when i have a crazy emotional moment or need help he not always able to help in a way that is effective and because he is a man (not all men do this) but its my experience that they run away from problems they cant handle and this doesnt help me! especially since part of my problem started because i felt abandoned and rejected by my family.

i really think the support issue i have right now is the one thing that is holding me back, i have told one or two friends (who are girls) but they were far from helpful. one uses to talk to others about and the other i dont speak to anymore because all she did was say 'oh yeah i over eat to! oh you know what you should do? just stop vomiting! its easy' she was ignorant and didnt really care. so i really dont want everyone to know im bulimic and dont really want to tell anyone else

if anyone can suggest anything that might help me please i would love to hear it

thanks again for this website i feel a bit of relief just from going on this page

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Article by Shaye Boddington
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