Your bulimia recovery
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My online program and private recovery community has helped hundreds of women beat bulimia.
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Beat bulimia using my online recovery program and private community. Hundreds of women who were just like you have done the same!

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Bulimia Recovery Videos


Tip 1 - How to get into a routine of normal eating again (Structured Eating)



Tip 2 - How to deal with recovery weight gain and how you can lose some of it in a natural and healthy way... (like I did)



Tip 3 - 5 Ways to avoid meal time binges



Tip 4 - How junk food can actually help end binge urges!



Tip 5 - How to break the habit of your binge and purge cycle



Tip 6 - How to feel less alone in your bulimia recovery journey (Opening up about bulimia)



Additional Free Resources For You!

To help you along in this exciting journey, I've also created the e-book "10 Steps To Bulimia Recovery"... It contains more tips that I discovered in my recovery :)

Additionally, I've created an e-book with my top 10 easy to digest bulimia recovery recipes... Feel free to download it below :)


bulimia recipe

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bulimia recipe

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