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What a stunning day on Friday...

bulimia dangers
My precious friend Terri, who passed
away after a brave battle with cancer

The sky was blue, the wind was refreshing and the clouds danced lightly in the sky...

It was the perfect day to celebrate the short but rich life of my friend Terri. Terri passed away on the 23rd of July at the age of 25 after a battle with cancer.

There are some people who make a mark on your heart forever... Terri made that mark on mine. From the moment I met her, I admired her...

Lively, fun loving, kind and above all entirely honest.

She wore her heart on her sleeve and that is something I will respect for the rest of my life.

Terri wasn't a skinny girl - she liked her food and celebrated her beautiful curvy body... She always helped me to put things into perspective...

You do not have to be perfectly skinny to be perfectly content.

At Terri's funeral on Friday, I know that not a single person there (and there were over 400 of them!) would have been thinking about the size of her body. This is not the type of thing that people remember. They would have been (as I was) celebrating the beautiful contents of her soul. That enormous laugh that echoed through the walls! You could always hear Terri coming before you actually saw her!

Terri was beautiful in a way that is SO much more significant than any external beauty...

And precious soul - so are you!

You have a spectacular heart and that's something to celebrate! That is what will be remembered when your time on earth comes to an end. That is what will live on in the hearts of those who know and love you.

It can be so easy to lose sight of what truly matters in life...

To think "If I am thinner, I'll be happier, I'll be accepted, I'll be loved" - But being thinner will never bring true love into your life..

In fact, the obsession with thinness only pushes away what is most precious. It steals the valuable time you've been given on this beautiful planet.

So then, what does create true happiness?

I'll look to Terri for this one again...

Self love, close relationships and connections with other human beings.

That's what really matters.

Terri's body may be gone, but she is as loved as ever. Her spirit lives on.

There's not necessarily plenty of time

One regret that I have from our friendship is that I didn't make the time to see Terri more often... I always used to think "There's plenty of time".

I now see that life is indeed short - but beautiful. There is not necessarily 'plenty of time'.

The only time is right now...

You are gorgeous human being - allow yourself to celebrate life in this moment! Allow yourself to take another step forward in recovery.

Terri has inspired me to take my life by the reins... To waste no time... To live the absolute s*** out of it!

I hope my reflection on Terri inspires you to do the same.

There is so much free self help for bulimia available on my website. Please take advantage of it. Take the time to invest in your bulimia recovery. You are worth it.

So much love coming your way...



Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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