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Food ,my worse enemy and best friend at the same time?!!

by Serena

My eating disorder started when I was around 16, I admit I was always really wierd girl but in a cool way and I didnt care at all what people thought about me,my mom passed away when I 10,remaining living with my dad which was completly unaware how to grow up a teenager jajaja poor thing...My mum had always been a really clean eating freak! but in a kind of obsesive all organic no mcdonald allowed at home...just natural foods kind of mentality way of thinking that can seriously drive a normal kid insane when your living in a consumer world...because common man! when I used to go to my friends houses and see all the doritos and oreos I would get so happy! but it was a big no no!! so if you can see where im getting to...the restriction started from way back but from my mom trying to making me healthy she made me see does junk foods more precious than gold itself! So to make the story short,my mom got sick of cáncer, which then when I grew up i discovered she was a eat clean freak beacuse of this sickness she had for almost 11 years and I didnt even know till the day she passed away!! Never understood the secret or the mystery but i understood completly the BINGES that came after that and then it was unstoppable! it has been going on and of for some years I can be a year without purging or binging or I can be a whole month doing it then stoping,it depends how i feel....I found shayes page and actually I myself in the past the good non binging and purging years have been because of the structural eating,i just have to say that works,and not just because it says it here it because it just does...your body feels safe with it.

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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
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