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Fired for trying to save my bulimic boss

by Kim
(San Diego)

At this very moment my friend and former boss of 16 years is laying in a hospital bed, on life support, with no brain activity.
She is 51 years old and her husband found her on the bathroom floor five days ago with no pulse or respirations. It may sound unusual, but I have not shed a tear since I found out. This is because I have cried over her for three years now as I watched her slowly kill herself. I tried many times to have her seek help as she dropped from X lbs. to X lbs. and I witnessed her abusing Lasix and laxatives, but she denied the problem and distanced herself from me. I spoke with her husband and explained that she was killing herself with binging/purging, dieuritics,and laxatives, but he never took action. She would lie to her Drs. about her practices and one time her potassium dropped to 1.2 and she was hospitalized, but they diagnosed her with Guillan Burre? When she was hospitalized this time her potassium level was .3
I told her last July that if she didn't seek help that I was going to contact her medical providers and disclose what I knew. Seven months later she fired me as the Administrator of, believe it or not, a mental health agency where she was a therapist and the director. She leaves behind a sixteen year old daughter who had to help her father perform CPR on her and will hold that image forever.

I shared my story today in hopes that when someone even has suspicions of bulimia and comes to you, LISTEN TO THEM AND ACT ON IT. It is better to err than to lose someone you love for not taking action.

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