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Finally surrendered... And loving life again!

by Kristy Wallace

Over a month now and feeling great! (except for the gas and bloat lol!)

Reading your blogs proves to me even more that our (past) eating disorders were pretty much identical lol.  Especially the part where you zone out during bingeing and you leave and drive around to get more food.  I knew all the food places, all the deals, and all of the best bathrooms for purging all over Phoenix. has been over a month for me now of no bingeing and purging and I can't believe it.  I am so thankful to God that I cry when I start to think about it.  You are absolutely right about not trying to diet.  I finally had to give up all control, surrender to God, and eat what my body craves until it is satisfied.  To my shock, my body actually does quit wanting food without me having to binge out!  Sometimes my plate is not enough, may be not enough fat or protein...but if I listen to my body and slowly eat a little more of what my body wants, I find that it will shortly reach a state of utter contentment.  I am no longer thinking about food, and I can move on to life:) I practice hot yoga and find that I am not getting fat, but toned and glowing from inside out!  I appreciate you Shaye more than words.  I want to remain this way, this feeling of peace and happiness....a few pounds or even more is way worth the insanity, depression, and exhaustion of living a constant binge purge cycle. Keep on doing what you doing because you are bringing hope and changing lives.  God bless you my friend!  

~Anyone feel free to write me at :)

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