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Finally ready to recover from bulimia

by Jess

My whole life I have struggled with weight. The 1st comment I remember getting about weight was from my grandpa at age 7. That's when I 1st noticed I wasn't thin like my friends. From then on I wanted to be thin, and it didn't help getting bullied. The summer before middle school, I just turned 12 and decided to diet. A few months passed and my diet turned into anorexia. I didn't think I had an issue. I was forced to gain weight. When I did,I cried in front of everyone at the doctors. I dropped my weight back down using my old habits. My family made me gain weight again.

I was depressed and the weight gain led to my 1st binge and purge at 13. It really scared me so I stopped purging. I spent the next two years compulsively eating (binging without purging) and gained lots of weight. People bullied me again. At 16, I tried another diet. Eventually my diet turned into anorexia. This time anorexia was hard and I started binging. I began purging through exercise. After wearing my body out, I started throwing up again. I reached a point where I binged and purged at least 25 times a day. I would stay home from school and binge & purge all day. When I couldn't take it anymore, I began abusing laxatives. After a while of this, I decided enough was enough. So I attempted to cure myself. I would binge and not purge and eventually I hoped I would stop binging all together. This lasted for a little over a month. However, I gained weight again. Started using laxatives, then turned back to throwing up.

Ever since then, I have gotten my binges & purges down to 1-4 times a day. Which is a huge step for me. Now that I am here, I really want to be normal again. I want to control my life. I am in college now, and I want to be able to start over. I am thankful to have found this program, and tomorrow will be day one of my journey. I went an entire day today without binging or purging simply because I found this site. Thank you already :)

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