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Finally let it all go....

by Rhiann

My name is Rhiann im 19 years old and have struggled with bullimia for 5 years now. I was in denial for ages about the severity of bulimia and how much it really does take over you. I have been to many many therapists and tried any number of pills and quick fixes but well nothing worked.

I am currently one month free of Bullimia and its terrifying! My weight has gone up significantly and I just need people to talk to to reassure me that this is normal? I am eating normally now, three meals a day around X calories roughly and its just, argh, i'm so so so scared I feel enormous. I'm wearing size X clothes and I dont like anything I see when I look in the mirror!
I will be posting more in the future I'm just hoping the weight gain for now is normal because Im scared and I dont know what to do. I'm tempted to just give up and resort to old ways, but I dont want to because it took over my life and I'm fighting to take it back.

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