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Feeling Flabbier than Ever

by Sarah

I know all the rational stuff - what's happening to my body is perfectly normal, given that I have punished it with binging and purging for so many years. But today is Day 7 of binge/purge freedom (I am so happy to be able to say that) and I do feel like my belly is ridiculously flabby, and I'm worried that it's not because of the water retention and the sluggish digestion, but that it's fat that I'm gaining because I have slipped a few times with my structured eating (I just ate 8 delicious dates, for example, despite them not being on my eating plan for today - an impulse mini binge full of so much goodness, but 8 of them is a bit calorific!!) ...

But then I have to remind myself that this is an inevitable part of the journey. What am I learning from this? For starters, I am feeling more energised, more beautiful and more honest in my relationships, because I don't have anything to hide because I am resisting purging. And secondly, I am learning that sticking to structured eating as best you can is quite important - if you eat extra you might (mistakenly) convince yourself that it MUST be fat because you've eaten "too much" anyway. In reality, what is a few extra dates? It's a few extra essential nutrients that will help my body heal and give me the energy I need to mentally deal with what I'm feeling. And it is physically impossible to gain permanent weight from one binge, let alone a mini binge.

I wish you the best for your own temporary bloating experiences, and that you ride it out like I'm trying to do, and allow it time to pass ;) xox

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