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Fed up with food binging

by Gulya
(Houston Tx)

Hi my name is Gulya! I am 21 years old. I have problems with food since 12 years old, because I started comparing myself to another girls at my school. I have never been skinny girl in my life and whole my life I wish to be skinny girl which I am not, but I have never been huge obese girl, but always have extra X pounds on me. I eating disorder started when I decided to lose weight and diet at the age of 12. Since then I am struggling with food I have never had healthy relationship with food whole my entire life. I always think about food and I have never loved myself unconditionally. I am bulimic almost 2 years and my this habit has affected very badly to my health. I wanna stop binging with all my heart and stop thinking, eating food when I am bored, not hungry when depressed, angry. I pray God help me break the habit of binging with all my heart and stop thinking about losing weight and dieting and love myself no matter how much I weigh and stop comp wring myself to other and start eating normal healthy way and stop my love and hate relationships with food. I really wanna break this habit and dieting and losing weight mentality with all my heart.

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