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Fed up of yo-yo dieting!

by Paige

My life consists of diets and binges. I'll lose around 10kg and then binge daily until I gain back '15kg'. It's this feeling of failure. I've screwed up my diet so what's the point? I know the logic behind that is stupid, so what you gained back a kilo? Better that than putting it all back on PLUS more. I don't understand my logic either, once i fail I fail. It definitely has a huge effect on my emotions, I'm quite unsocial as a result of my lack of self-confidence (thus the dieting begins again). When I binge - I binge, tubs of icecream, large chocolate bars, packets of lollies, thickshakes, fastfood, pastas etc etc and all in one sitting. At the end of it i cant even stand because im so full. IM JUST SO SICK OF YOYO DIETING :( I just want to be happy with who I am and how I look for once in my life.

Shaye Says

Hi Paige,

I think so many women around the world can relate to this! It's insane how brainwashed society is by the dieting industry... And I used to be the same. Around 95% of diets fail... If any other 'product' had such a high failure rate it would probably be illegal!! But still, you are bombarded with the advertising of how you 'should' be and what diets will help get you there... and so the cycle continues.

I am not sure if you suffer from vomiting/laxative abuse or not... but cycles of starving (dieting) followed by bingeing is also a form of bulimia... and you deserve help to get well again precious girl. Life is too wonderful to miss out it! There are two resources which I think could help you alot...

"Intuitive Eating" is a EXCELLENT book that teaches you how to reject the dieting mentality and make peace with food. I'd suggest reading this book if you are able to hold meals down most days. If you are not at this stage yet, then you might find the online recovery program I run helpful... It will teach you about the 5 stepping stones to bulimia recovery for life: Structured eating, Self Kindness, Re-wiring habits, Intuitive Eating and Staying bulimia free for life.

I hope you find this helpful Paige... Keep your chin up and allow hope to fill your heart. Hope is the seed from which recovery can grow.

xx Shaye

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