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Fear of recovery

by snoozy

Hi :)

I read your e-book thingy and it was amazingly close to home for me. I'm at one of my worst stages at the moment... bingeing and purging 3 or 4 times a days. I didn't realise that it can cause permanent heart damage and I am so scared that I have done that to myself. I was bulimic from the ages of 15-17.5 and 23-now (28). What do you think my risk is of permanent heart damage?

I was doing really well for a while last year... I went 6 months without bingeing or purging... then I got sick after a really bad allergic reaction and relapsed. I really am scared about my health and feel pretty alone. Can you give me any advice? It'd be great to hear from someone who knows how it feels to be in this position. I'm committed to getting better.... no more so than now I've had the pants scared off me!!

Thank you for writing about your experiences.... it helps to see that other people have been through things just as badly.

Shaye Says

Hi Snoozy!

I am glad that you got a lot out of my free e-book. I know the long term side effects of bulimia can be scary - but it is also amazing how resilient our bodies are and how they can bounce back when given the chance!

I thought that I had damaged my body beyond repair... but now, 6 years recovered, you would never have guessed I was bulimic. I feel completely healthy and happy! You can be the same :)

Obviously the best way to prevent any of the scary long term effects of bulimia is to dive into bulimia recovery... You could start seeing a therapist, go to a treatment center, join my bulimia recovery program and community or take a smaller step like buying and reading a bulimia self help book... Yes, even little steps like this add up :) Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you are always taking little steps forward... Do this and given time, you can't help but reach recovery!

I am sorry for scaring you by telling you about heart damage - but I am glad that it has motivated you to begin this recovery journey :)

Keep in touch!


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