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Exaggerated coughing jag

by Ray
(Minneapolis mn )

My gf is a long time secret bulimic , you'd be surprised at the number of professional counselors that missed such obvious signs . Anyways , the last few months she seemed to be finally making some progress on the frequency of her purging . Until she got sick with a multitude of illnesses . Somehow she got viral pneumonia , bronchitis ( smokes heavily ) and the flu , all at the same time . While sick her cough was so bad that she would cough until it triggered a purging episode . Well eventually she recovered , but seems to have kept her new found "talent". I plan to research this as best I can and to confront her if I have to . If you've got knowledge of this ability or something else that may help teach me I'd be grateful if you shared it here , ill keep checking back . Thanks , best to you all .

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