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enough is enough

by hannah

I have to some degree suffered from this since the age of 16 when I lived with my dad and the relationship and atmosphere became nothing but insults and violence but the purging would only be 4-5 times in the year when things were really bad. I am now 28 and within the last 18 months the bulimia has really stepped into overdrive. It all started when a friend (or what I thought) and we attended the gym together to better ourselves. I really enjoyed it and was really starting to notice the difference in myself and was doing it all myself with no form of bulimia in sight. Because I was loosing the weight and she wasn't due to her ways she became very hostile towards me and started calling me names like trog and slapper. Because of this I felt fat and out of control so the bulimia started up again. This person then repeatedly told my husband that due to my weight loss I would be cheating on him. This then accelerated the bulimia where my husband had to step in and stop this person with her cruel words and she became violent towards my husband so the friendship ended. Since then I have started the gym again and have a diet plan but whenever I have a treat the names etc come back to me so I purge. But once I purge im then really low and over eat them purge again and its a vicious cycle. It has now started to affect my kidneys as I keep having severe pain in that area and it is affecting fertility and my husband and I desperately want another baby but I feel guilty as the bulimia is affecting this, so the guilt is making me over eat and purge more.........I feel completely out of control and am desperate for help

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