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Emotional unstable in Recovery

by Cat

Shaye,It is really a tough journey...bulimic for 12years,started my recovery journey since last year April...Until today i still B/P twice daily,only in the evening or night time..The only thing is i still manage to eat well at the morning n lunch,b/p twice at night compare to 12times before my recovery journey..
But,i don understand why m i emotional always in my recovery journey?my parents also said that cannot stand my temper,just like everything in my eye make me feel unsatisfied...i realize that,i mood swing,feel down n easy get angry all the time...i thought i suppose feel happy n calm in recovery?

My boy friend just broke off with me,he said feeling to me has gone...due to i always make complain n he cant stand on it...

Shaye,any comment can share with me? Anyone experience the same?emotional unstable in recovery?

Shaye Says

Cat - you have come so far! You binge and purge far less than you used to... This is progress! I know the emotional side effects of bulimia re severe... and sometimes in recovery they are highlighted. We try to stop using food to numb us, take away anger and so on. In recovery you have to learn new ways to feel your emotions. Sometimes, this is hard. For a while, you might not know how to do it and find yoruself getting angry...

Tips on how to improve your state of mind...

Sitting with a feeling and not judging it can help. Let it flow through you and remind yourself that it will pass. I wrote about this extensively in my last newsletter... Did you receive it? If not, here is a link to it:

I hope this helps Cat! Keep pushing forward... You will get there!

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