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Embarrassing moments from bulimia in my past

by Val

Ok, here goes:

Wow, over 25 years I definitely have a few good ones that's for sure!

Most recently:

*During the urge to binge - digging through my garbage for leftovers or binge food I'd thrown out earlier.

*Keeping chips and cake and cookies and pizza and fries and goodness only knows what else from the kids so I can eat them myself.

*Many years ago when I was single hiding ice cream pails of vomit in my closet when I had a room in a basement home (that was pretty bad!).

*Hiding food and empty food wrappers in my closet at my apartment when I had roommates.

*And in the beginning when I was a teenager getting a toothbrush stuck in my throat - that was terrifying - I never stuck a foreign object in my throat ever again after that day.

*And at the end of my Bulimic days, one month ago: My upper teeth eroding from the inside was extremely terrifying - it seemed like they just started going downhill overnight! That was the last straw for me, I avoided dentists in the past because I was so embarrassed about my addiction - and I was afraid of what a dentist would say - if anything. So I bit the bullet and told a carefully chosen good dentinst right off the bat - before he even looked at my mouth - and he was wonderful!

No falsies for me (just alot of crowns over the next many years, but that's ok!) From that moment on my recovery started, and the negative destructive cycle began to diminish and a new wonderful cycle began for me, and a new life!

To those suffering from bulimia, you have to find the steps that will work for you to break that terrible cycle and implement steps that will create a positive cycle.

We all have it in us to do it! Bulimia does not have to control us! We can be in control of our emotions, food, body, mind and future!

It is never too late to start recovery, no matter how bad you think it is. I am 43 and It's not too late for me, I have many more years to live and bulimia will be no part of it!


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