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It's okay to eat Sugar in Bulimia Recovery!

I hear from so many beautiful women who decide to start their bulimia recovery journeys with a sugar free detox. Every single time I advise them against it - because I have been there and done that... and it will never work!

Bulimia recovery can not come from a place of restriction and deprivation... Dieting is part of what causes bulimia (learn more about this here) - so it can not be part of the solution.

And it's okay to eat sugar anyway. Sugar is not the demon that it's made out to be. Of course eating massive quantities of sugar is not healthy - but when a healthy person eats sugar in moderation, it's completely okay.

I have been recovered from bulimia for nearly 8 years now and I enjoy sugar many times a week! I'll eat chocolate about once a week, sometimes lollies (candy). I'll also enjoy ice cream a couple of times a week. If I want to eat more sugar - I can - if I want to eat less, that's fine too.

Just the other day a good friend of mine who is in recovery from bulimia sent me an excellent article about sugar. It's by the magazine MIND BODY GREEN - and she scanned it so that I could read it, and share it with you.

I've linked to the article "Is It Time To Stop Worrying About Sugar? (You Don't Have To Quit It) here. Please read over it, it does an excellent job at dispelling some of the sugar myths that are running rampant at the moment!


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Enjoy sugar in moderation!

Recovery is about developing flexibility around what you eat - it's about letting go of the rules. Life is far, FAR more fun that way :)

Love, Shaye




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