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Eating out during bulimia recovery...

by Val

Hi Shaye:
Ok, so this weekend is a biggie, my son's birthday party, a family supper for 3 birthdays in our extended family, and going out for supper with hubby all in the space of 2 days. I'd be lying if I say "oh, no prob - I can handle it" but I am a little nervous about it. I haven't eaten out once since I quit b/p and haven't fallen off the wagon once - and all this is going to be thrown at me this weekend. I'm have been so strong at home - there are foods around here that I can easily binge on, but I have no desire to. I am starting to expand my diet a bit - pasta for lunch, regular yogurt (not fat free) and an omelet and I'm going to have a few slices of healthy pizza for supper.
So, anyway do you have any tips on how I can prepare myself for this weekend? - I know anyone who hasn't had an eating disorder would say - just don't overdo it! Easier said than done. I can see me now-taking my daily journal with me with my eating plan wherever I go this weekend! LOL.

Shaye Says

Hi Val!

This will be a big step for you - and I remember myself being in the exact same position... It was quite an anxious - but exciting time!

I am not entirely sure if the way I went about it was the best way... But, I'll let you know what I did...

I normally ordered something tasty, but healthy. A chicken salad or something along those lines. I could eat the whole thing if I wanted - as long as I stopped every couple of minutes to monitor my fullness... I desperately didn't want to get that 'over-full' feeling.

Just remember to eat slowly, chew thoroughly and enjoy your food. Remember to take breaks, actually put your knife and fork down and talk to your husband or family. While your doing this, monitor your fullness... Am I hungry still? Comfortable? Getting full? Overfull? As long as you aware of the food going into your tummy, you should be fine.

As I got more comfortable with specific foods, I began serving up whatever I wanted on my plate... but I would only have a small amount of each. Nothing was off limits... I only had to watch the quantity so that I didn't get too full.

I think possibly the best think for you to do would be order or serve yourself up something that you're comfortable eating. Chew thoroughly and really enjoy each bite of food... Put your cutlery down every minute or so and have a chat to whoever is around. Monitor your fullness.

You'll do great! Remember to be kind to yourself and allow yourself to be excited by this challenge... Every challenge we overcome gets us one step closer to our goal!

I'd love to know how you get on. And remember, if you do slip sup, it's not the end of the world. It's simply 14 steps forward and 1 step back. Learn form it and nothing is lost :) never be hard on yourself. Treat yourself with kindness!

Stay Strong!


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