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Eating less in recovery is making me store more water

by Courtney

Well originally I thought since I used to throw up my meals and eat a healthy one after with an additional workout on top of that, recovery would be easy. I gained 25 pounds in two weeks in water and I believe it's because I'm restricting my caloric intake by not eating what I used to throw up. I consume around X calories in my recovery and I don't believe that's enough. I feel more tired and hungry than ever! Is it true the less you eat the more water you store? it's been 3 months of recovery and the water is not improving. Please help me!

Shaye Says

Hi Courtney!

I am not sure if it's true that the less you eat, the more you store... but it is true that if you eat as little as you are, your metabolism will slow right down and you body will believe that there is a famine... you'll store body fat - possibly fluid too - for the hard times that lie ahead. It's so important to nourish that precious body of yours in recovery - and for the rest of your life! Nourish it well and it will settle at a healthy and energetic place :)

You might find it helpful to get some advice from a nutritionist who could write you out some meal plans. Alternatively, there is an e-book of 3 weeks worth of meal plans in the bulimia recovery program.

Onwards and upwards precious girl!


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