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eating disorders for 14 years - starting to recover

I started with anorexia when I was 14. I had just quit my competitive swimming career and was going through puberty. My father told me that I was getting chunky and so started my battle of self image issues. I went from anorexia, to making everything fat free, to the water diet, to bulimia which started when I was 19. I would eat, whatever junk food looked good, to satisfy my emotional needs and then feel guilty and ashamed and worried I would gain weight. So, then I would go take a shower and that is where I did my purging. My husband and mother found out when I was 20 and I told them I would quit, but I never did. I started therapy and bulimia counseling when I was 27 and then one day at age 28, when I was standing in the shower, it hit me what I was doing and how it was hurting me and taking time away from my kids. I was just fed up and ready to quit. Now it has been almost 5 weeks b/p free!!! I am still struggling with some issues, but I am determined and I know I can do it. I was finally able to get the nerve to tell my husband and mother and they were a lot more accepting and supportive than I thought. I am still ashamed, but more open and willing to talk now.

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