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Eating disorder help: How to Love Your Body Right NOW!

Some of the best eating disorder help I ever received was that which taught me how to love and respect my body. This type of help was free, self guided and it changed my life.

If you're ready to recover from your eating disorder then please open your mind and heart to the simple tip I'm about to share... It'll teach you how to love your body - moving away from body bashing and bulimia, towards a full recovery.


My Story of Body Bashing

When I was lost in the darkest days of my bulimia, I was obsessed with changing the form of my body. I was obsessed with seeing bones, muscle and losing weight. I was obsessed with looking like a fashion or fitness model...

The truth was that my body did not want to be that thin... It was unnatural for me. Yes, I could easily be slim - but to be thin - I had to fight...

And fight I did. I fought with my body every moment of every day. I so desperately wanted my inner thighs to have a gap, my cellulite to be non existent, my abdominal muscles to be clearly displayed... I even wanted my breasts to be larger, my lips to be plumper, the lower portion of my legs to be longer, my hips to be shaped differently....

and on and on and on the list went.

For years I had been focusing on the changing the form of my body. I'd grown to hate my natural physique and I would often say with such passionate disgust "I HATE my body!".

Back then, I did not realize what I was saying and why it was so damaging...

When I said to myself "I hate my body" subconsciously I believed I was talking to my body as a whole...

I was saying "I hate this body I've been given... This body that breathes for me, heals my wounds, dances, sings, runs, allows tears to flow when I'm sad and laughter to flow when I'm happy!"

When I said "I hate my body" - I was hearing "I hate it all".


The Secret to Loving Your Body

As I began my bulimia recovery journey, I realized that it was time to start thanking my body. I had been focusing on hating it for so long - and it was time time to shift that focus.

At first I felt there was not much to love about how my body looked... But I did realize that there was a lot to love about the way my body functioned - there was a lot to be grateful about.

I started off by being grateful for the fact that my body was still fighting for me. I was grateful to my body for surviving (and continuing to survive) through all my bulimic years. (I was binging and purging over 15 times a day!).

I slowly but surely began to look at my body as a precious friend who had been terribly abused...

I started apologizing to it when I'd slip up and binge or purge. I started sticking up for it against the other part of my mind which was still hateful.

athletes with bulimia
Recovery Rocks! Bulimia free for 8
years and enjoying the best things
in life (like my little nephew!)

Sometimes just the 5 words "Thank you for my breath" was enough to shift the cruel voice out of my mind, replacing it with a loving friend.

Focusing on what my body did for me, rather than it's appearance helped rekindle a love for my body that has been lost for so long.

So if I were to sum that up in just a few short words it would be:

"Shift your focus from form to function"

When you begin to focus on all the hard work your body does for you day in and day out, you can't help but feel grateful towards it.

So next time you notice that critical voice within your mind, bashing your poor body remind yourself to shift your focus from form to function. Say a thank you to your magnificent body.

You could thank it for...

- Your life giving breath
- Your legs that carry you throughout the day
- Your eyes that allow you to see clearly
- Your heart that beats within your protective chest

There are so many things your body does for you that deserve gratitude, love and respect... Please work on acknowledging these things :)


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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
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