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drinking lots of fluid in bulimia recovery

by Sharon
(York, UK)

Hi Shaye,

Hope you are well. Can I ask did you drink a lot through recovery. I can drink loads of juice and cups of tea. I am unsure whether I am using this to fill me up or to fill in the loneliness or bordem. I feel that liquid is better than binge/pugeing but then the guilt comes through and I think oh dear I am drinking too much tea, which means too much caffeine.

I take sweeteners in my tea and coffee and wonder whether I am craving the sweetness I get from artificial sweeter. Did you find this?

I am going to try to keep to green tea.

Best Wishes


Shaye Says

Hi Sharon!

You are definitely right... Drinking a lot of tea is better than bingeing and purging... SO congratulate yourself for taking that step forward!

Chances are that you could be drinking this tea to compensate for wanting to eat... I did this too. But I can't see the harm in it short term. Try to keep the drinks as free from caffeine and artificial sweetners as possible (they can make bloating worse) and I think you'll be absolutely fine...

You can get a variety of really nice herbal teas... Peach flavor, peppermint and so on... these are good for you - and they will help re-hydrate your body. There's nothing wrong with drinking them! In fact, in The Bulimia Recovery Program - I actually suggest drinking them (in the morning) to help get your bowels moving...

Keep up your good work!


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