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Drinking liquid quickly or a large amount at the end of a meal is a bulimia sign

by Shannon

I've been struggling with bulimia for 4 years. I've done EVERY single thing listed above. Liquids are a huge part or my purging.

1.I will take a few large gulps of water (or whatever) a few moments before I excuse myself from a meal to make it easier to vomit.

2.I've felt I can't get "clean" or empty enough after I will take a bottled water or two into the restroom (always in my bag at work) and drink, purge, drink, purge, etc....until only perfectly clear water is being purged.

3.During my sickest point, I would eat everything I could get away with (without causing too much suspicion to my partner)...but when I still needed to binge I would drink HUGE amounts of whatever (crystal lite, juice, coffee, tea, water, milk,... whatever) and purge over and over until I was exhausted. One afternoon I stood at the kitchen sink doing so for over 2 hours (4 pitchers of crystal lite, gallon of milk, carton of juice)

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