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Dr im bulimic

by rosie

Dear Dr Carter,
im writing this letter because im exhausted, as usual everyday as I have been telling you. I have been researching everyday ways of curing my exhaustion and have suspected as you have that im anemic. It starting to occur to me that maybe throwing up half the time after i eat might be linked toanemia, and then i found some info on the net linking the 2. I cannot stand being tired anymore!!!! I want answers and if admiting im bulimic and getting help on the nutrition and psychological side of things will help then i am willing. But im not atypical bulimc. Here goes: I never force myself to throw up, I have my own technique which is why im so hooked on doing it. All I have to do after i eat is bend of contract my stomach and three quarters of my food will come up! I know when ive gone too far cause if i taste stomach acid at all i stop as i dont want to loose vital stomach acids. That way i wont have health problems and i keep a faster metabolism cause im constantly digesting small amounts of food. heres another key secret.... I keep the spew if its good! I throw up in containers so that im not wasting so much food and i can eat again later. I spend alot of time and energy washing emptying carrying containres with me everywhere and hiding them from people. I really dont eant to be tired anymore but part of me is not sure if the builmia would make that much difference i mean how much iron can you loose in saliva anyhow? I never throw up my stomach acid and i dont have digestive problams. all i know now is that if i can change this fatigue thing thru eating and digesting the right foods then i will! I mean that is already my motivation for 2/3rds of my diet is nutrition and combating fatigue. if i could throw up less id have more time for life and connecting to a higher source, studying, socialising etc. I must say here that i have improved in leaps and bounds in the last few months and am very proud of the changes ive made. i will endevour to throw up less, serve smaller more digestable portions so i dont feel obliged to vomit and take it from there, eventually iwant to be able to not have to cover my tracks and have a relationship with a real person rather than food. over and out

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