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Dont judge me when youre doing the same thing to your body.

by Rach

Hi my names rach (: so im going to share a story about how i discovered my best friend had bulimia the same time i did, and would judge me for the decissions i made, when she made the same ones. i want to share this story because if you're reading this and your bff has bulimia, and so do you, but she doesn't know that, i don't want you to judge her just so she won't suspect you have it. because i will tell you right now it feels horrible what my best friend did to me, and i will never forgive her for that.

so it all started when i noticed one of my best friends ally was loosing more weight then usual. Lets just say ally was never the thinnest person, but she was never fat either. but she had this image in her head that she was huge and she would never get better. ally has also had two back surgeries in two years, so she has no power over her body. i think this is where her problems began.

so pretty much ally would text me and preach more how bad it was to throw up, and how i will die from this disorder. also when i was at her house she would shove food down my throat and ALWAYS made me eat which made me throw up more. she could just never let things go.

All of a sudden ally was loosing more and more weight and was so obsessed with weight and what she ate. my mom even thought she had a problem. i would confront her and ask her if she had a problem, but she would deny it over and over. i was confused.

she also would make jokes about my disorder. in public. she would say "oh you're actually gonna keep that food down right?" or "come on rachael i know you're hungry because you obviously don't eat." she would make me feel worthless. and i couldn't stand it. i didn't understand why she was doing this to me. making me feeel worse. she would always say "youre so skinny why do you think youre fat?" i had no answer to that and i couldnt explain my thoughts.

when i found out her secret too, i just lost it. she had the audacity to criticize my every move while she was doing the same thing? i couldnt process it. i just lost it on her. i know that was wrong now. but how can your best friend do that to you? i was heart broken. i just couldnt stop thinking "how dare she." i just came to the conclusion she couldnt control her weight or functions of her body so she wanted to control mine. it was fair.

i hope people reading this will see how wrong it is to judge their friend because of their disorder. dont ever make people feel less of a person because of their differences. you will regret it forever

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