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Does anyone else ever feel hungry and full at the same time?

by kaylee

I managed one whole day yesterday of bp free! I was so happy... Today though, I was not so lucky... I actually had a weird experience that made me binge/purge and I wanted to ask if this has ever happened to you...

I had eaten a some spaghetti squash with veggies and tomato sauce... and I had had that the night before too. It made me so full which was fine because it was at night and thats when I need to feel full so I don't binge. I ate it during the day this time though - for lunch. I became so full and bloated...

I decided to wait a couple of hours for it to subside. It never did and I waited three was just bloated and I still felt full yet hungry. Do you know what I mean? Where your stomach is so full and you know there's food in there and you can feel it in there yet it's like I was craving food. Im not sure did feel semi physical (I don't see how) and maybe mental.

I gave in and binged/purged for the rest of the night. ugh. I'm really trying to figure out my triggers and stop them. That's the last time I eat that during the day at least for now. Im saving that meal for night time.

But regardless I was just wondering your thoughts on the full yet hungry thing, if this has ever happened to you and if so what did you do? And if anyone can add to this please do... I want to beat this so badly and need advice everyday!

Shaye Says

Hi Kaylee!

I have a theory about what could be happening...

It is possible that your stomach is bloating from your food as it's still getting back into the whole 'digestion thing' Then you're misinterpreting this bloating as 'fullness' when in actual fact you aren't yet giving your body enough food to satisfy it.

Try, even if it's just for 1 day as an 'experiment' to eat (and keep down) 2000 calories of food. Give yourself variety, carbs, fats, protein and vegetables... See if you still feel hungry and full... Changes are you'll either just feel normal... or very bloated (which is part of recovery) but the hunger shouldn't be there...

Remind yourself it's just an experiment for 1 day and 1 night... It's worth a shot!

Hope this helps - if anyone else has any ideas, please leave a comment!


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