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digestive enzymes

by heatherjoy
(poynette, wi, usa)

Is there a good digestive enzyme product you can recommend?

I know after many years of bulimia, my stomach has a LOT of troubles digesting and its very painful. I have tried Papya enzymes, but when I went to the local health store, she told me those were very weak and I'd need something stronger. Though I am vegan and do prefer natural products (herbal, vitamin, other, etc), is there something a Dr can perscribe??

Money is also tight for me, so its a tough call.

There are so many good looking products (even ones without animal product ingredients) online and in stores these days. How do I know what to look for when using these enzymes (I'd assume stronger ones, maybe even something for the acid reflux/stomach issues)?

Thank you so much for listening! It seems there is no one else to ask.....

Shaye Says

Hi Heatherjoy!

One of the biggest problems with digestion in bulimia recovery is that there are not enough healthy bacteria in the stomach... Just as a strong dose of antibiotics kills this bacteria - so does the stress bulimia puts on the body...

The best way to restore this is to have probiotics and /or to drink kefir. It can take a few weeks to begin seeing the results - but keep it up. I am not sure if standard probiotics are suitable for vegans - but I am sure that if they're not there are vegan brands available.

I hope this helps!

Keep up your awesome recovery work! Any short term discomfort or pain is worth it - I promise!


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