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Digestion Problems in bulimia recovery

Hello Shaye,

Let me start by saying that i absolutely love your site. It has giving me a lot of comfort and support. I've been suffering from bulimia for over a decade. My ED started because I wanted to maintain my weight, but stayed with me during all this years because I didn’t know how to deal with my sense of failure, my low self-esteem, my low self-confidence, my low self-worth, little did i know that my ED was about to make things even worse.

For the longest time my ED was my way to cope, my way to escape from my reality. I would eat, and eat, and eat like crazy trying to drown all those feelings inside, and then while throwing up i could feel this sense of relief, like instead of vomiting food i was vomiting all my frustrations, anger, sadness, rage, loneliness. It was an awesome feeling of control and liberation, until the roles changed and i was no longer in control, my ED had absolute control over me and my checking account, i was trapped and most of the times broke, because Bulimia is an expensive illness.

Now after years in denial, after years punishing myself, self-harming my body, i have accepted my problem, and now is time to heal, to be kind to myself, to nourish my body, my mind, my soul, so right now I'm working on my recovery.

Some days are better than others, but over all I'm ok! I'm having 5 small meals and exercising 30 minutes a day, but I'm having a problem that maybe you could help me with or give me some tips...

Since I was throwing up most of the food i was ingesting then my metabolism got super slow. Like 3 days ago i got a stomach bug or food poisoning or something after having lunch with my parents at a restaurant. Around 5 pm I got a little bit of fever and had terrible stomach cramps, and ended up throwing up NOT voluntarily like 3 times...

What amazed me (not in a good way) is that I was vomiting not only my lunch but also the breakfast I had a 9 am and the mid-snack I had at 11 am. WOW!

My digestive system is extremely slow and messed up. How can i speed it up? Did something like this ever happen to you?

Shaye Says

Hi there!

Firstly I am SO sorry it's taken me 12 days to reply to you! I have been working madly on The Bulimia Recovery Program as it's due to launch in just 2 weeks.

But, Tonight I set aside time to answer some questions - including yours :)

The thing that really stood out to me from your message was you saying that you vomited your lunch and breakfast (together!) as a result of your slowed metabolism...

This stood out because I remember being shocked at the exact same thing happening to me! During my recovery I slipped up and purged... What came out was 14 hours worth of food! I was absolutely stunned and horrified!

My metabolism was also incredibly slow when I first began working on recovery. I felt like food would sit in my tummy for days before being passed through... It was horrible! I was actually convinced that I had damaged my metabolism forever...

But... You'll be happy to know that my metabolism is now faster than it has ever been in my life!

If we give our bodies the chance to heal from bulimia - they do bounce back!

I also used a few techniques to speed up my metabolism during recovery.. I wrote about them today in my newsletter "Heal your metabolism"

Other things that can help are taking probiotics, eating some chilli with your food and drinking 2 cups of herbal tea 30 minutes before breakfast.

But, the most significant factor is time. Giving yourself time to heal... It will happen :)

Keep pushing forward and you will get there!

Keep in touch :)


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