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Dieting during bulimia recovery


Thanks for having this site, it puts a lot of hope and motivation in me because I am not alone.

I have been in a recovery phase for a few months now and have gotten down to b/p once every week to once every two weeks...much improved! I decided to go on a restricted diet this week and have found myself going back to old habits (obsessive thoughts, throwing up, missing activities to b/p). Should I go off of the diet and onto a normal lifestyle?

The problem is, I don't seem to register what a normal eating pattern is. I always over eat and then get mad at myself because I don't want to gain weight. And then the days that I do eat healthy and a normal amount, my brain is so use to getting more that I am just left hungry and end up b/p. I saw a counselor but that just made things worse. I don't know what to do but I want this ongoing struggle to stop dwindling and stop completely.


Shaye Shays

Hi Bailey!

Well done on your efforts so far - you are doing so well - I hope you've been giving yourself lots of credit :)

I am SO glad that you got in touch with me and asked this question... PLEASE, please... Don't diet during bulimia recovery! This is very dangerous... It only reinforces in your mind that food is scarce and you need to eat-eat-eat all the time! It is a primal drive that is deep within every single human being... when food is restricted - we want to binge!

My advice would be to hop back into structured eating as fast as possible! You may need to keep this up for a number of months before you feel comfortable relaxing your eating a bit... but, in the scheme of things, months, even an entire year is nothing in exchange for recovery!

Keep up your awesome work - and keep in touch!

Bye for now!

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