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Diarrhea - a sign of bulimia

My husband told me his younger brother had bad diarrhea problems and that's what the dark coloured splashes were on the wall by the toilet... Everyday!

He lied that his brother had stomach problems to cover up his bulimia secret... But I found out eventually.

Shaye Says

Hi there!

Yes, this is a common sign of bulimia... Thanks for mentioning it.

Laxative abuse is what would cause teh diarreah. Laxative abuse can be extremely dangerous - it saps the body of essential electrolytes which can result in a sudden heart attack. This is actually one of the most commons things that cause death from bulimia.

I hope that your husbands brother gets help and bets his bulimai demons... Please direct him to this site if you think it will help him.

Thanks again for sharing...


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