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death by the porcelain god

by John
(Houston Tx)

uh, my names john.
I'm 19, I turn 20 in a month. I'm a GUY.
I've had serious bulimia since I was 13,
and no one knew the severity of it or
how destructive it was, and I had heart failure
two months ago. I had about a month without purging
when I just let it come back, and I CAN'T DO THAT.
yeah, I'm taking potassium supplements and trying
to rehydrate but it's KILLING ME. and I don't want my
parents or my boyfriend to find my body covered in vomit.

I'm on new medicine and I just really need to.... use EVERY TOOL I CAN to fight this. This site is amazing, I wish I was so tired. Tomorrow morning... I'll be back!

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