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Dear my worst enemy. Yes that's you Mia!

by Sarah
(San Diego, CA)

Dear Mia,

I can honestly say that i hate you. I hate you so much..the highest amount of hate possible. Why? Ha, I could go on and on about why. You ruined my life. Well, maybe not my whole life but my life in the last two years..if you can even call it a life. You took away my social life, you took away my confidence, you took away any normalcy I may have had, you took away my good pretty much took too many good things from me! You are so powerful and way to good at controlling me. You control my life and my decisions and I hate it. I want to control my own life, I want to sit down and enjoy a meal with my family. I don't want to wake up and instantly think about b/p-ing, I don't want to spend my spare time gorging on food and then shoving my fingers down my throat. I want to start going out with my friends again instead of staying home to b/p. I want to feel pretty again. I just want you gone. I want you gone for good, like dead, not just a vacation. I don't want any more meetings with you, I want to forget you and pretend you never existed. Although I have tried before, and failed, I am determined to make this "break up" a real and final one. I pray to God to recover fully from you. I've managed 30+ days without any interactions with you..I hope that number only grows and grows. Some days it's hard but I want this so bad. Please, I beg you..leave me alone for good..please!!

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