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Dear God help me....

Im Sean, a 17yr old male Bulimic. It started off almost two years ago now as a "diet" and quickly turned into Anorexia, which i battled for 7-8 months, and i hit rock bottom when i tried to kill myself at the end of summer because i couldn't take it anymore. I started recovering and went back to school, ate normally, then it started becoming where i felt fat everytime i ate, so i would have anxiety attacks at school, and would have to run to the nurses office to throw up, and just tell them i wasn't feeling good. I eventually had to leave school to get help for my eating and anxiety, i completed the program, and ever-since bulimia has been rearing it's ugly head. I can't take it anymore it's tearing me and my family appart, i pray every morning i don't wake up so i don't have to go through it. I need help so bad but i don't know where to look anymore.

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