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Dear Bulimia

by Em

Hi Everyone!

So I've had a couple of bad weeks where I've done a ton of b/p-ing, but now I've decided to get my life back on track.

I found this website where you can write a letter to your mental illness, I did it, and now I feel like sharing it with everyone here:

Dear Bulimia
You haunt me like a ghost. You are there all the time, even when I think that you are finally gone, you will sneak up on me, whisper things in my ears, telling me how much I need you. You know I can't resist your voice, and when I do, it just becomes louder and louder and then one day BAM, I'll fall back into your soft arms, but soon you're arms are not soft anymore. They become hard, and your grip tightens by the minute, your voice becomes a pain in the ass, I can't shut it up, it's always there haunting me, telling me things that are not true. You manipulate with me, you convince me that trusting you is the right thing. But let me tell you something, you are wrong, oh yes, you are so very wrong, you can’t fool me anymore. You have taken so much from me, my social life, my confidence and you haven’t given anything in return, you have tried to suck every last drop of life out of me, but I will not let you take anything more. I will never let myself surrender to you again.

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