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Dear Boobear

by Missy
(The woods)

This is the hardest and most embarrassing thing in the world to admit. However, your suspicions were right. I know you asked my mother a couple of months ago if I was bulimic because I always went to the bathroom after we ate and I was so "damn skinny" for all the food I ate. Well - the truth is, and this is very hard to admit, I am bulimic and have been suffering for about five years. I feel the need to tell you because I feel like my life is a shell of what it should be and I just don't ever feel good, physically or emotionally. I am telling you because you are the love of my life, and you support me in every journey I take. I feel as though I need to let you know because I think you will be absolutely wonderful during my recovery period. I won't be able to "eat" like I used to - I want to change my life. It's going to be hard, I will be cranky, and sometimes I will just not give a damn. However, I am ready to conquer this illness. I do not want to live like this anymore, and I know you don't want me to either. I want to grow old and healthy with you - this is my first step. Thank you for listening, as you always have.
Love, Babe

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