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Dealing with Dual Diagnosis...One goes, the others stay

by Trace

I have been dealing with eating issues my entire engrossed in bulimia, full force. 13 years ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and ultimately a severe alcoholic from the mania. I underwent many inpatient/outpatient hospitalizations for each issue. Alcohol is no longer an issue, thank heavens. However, between the bipolar and bulimia, I feel completely out of control. I haven't slept for days, which increases my hunger, which leads to binge/purge sessions all day. I cannot concentrate, my thoughts are racing and all I think about is food. I'm spending every dime I have on food, even when I'm not hungry most of the time. I live on energy drinks to stay awake...not good no matter how tired you may be. I feel like I'm!

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