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Dealing With Bulimia? why You Are Not A Freak and you are not alone!

Dealing with bulimia can feel like walking through glue... Every step of life is hard. And worse than that, you feel completely and entirely alone.

You feel that you are the only soul on the planet who has this weakness with food - and the compulsion to 'get rid of it'.

I used to think that I was the worst bulimic in the world. Sure I knew other people were dealing with bulimia - but I always thought I was the very worst... Who else would...

I didn't think anybody else was that bulimic!

That's the thing about dealing with bulimia...

You feel disgusted by yourself, that you persuade yourself you're a freak...

When in reality, you're a gorgeous human being who deserves help... All the help you need to get well again!

I had bulimia for around 10 years before I began to walk the rocky (but beautiful!) road to recovery...

For 10 years I thought I was a weirdo. I would curse myself and call myself the most horrific names...

"Freak" was one of my top picks for torturing myself.

In my recovery journey I realized that I wasn't a freak at all!

I wasn't "Shaye the freaky bulimic" - I was just Shaye. Simple.

Bulimia did not define me - it was simply a challenge I'd been given to overcome.

And bulimia does not define you either!

Next time you begin calling yourself unkind names, remind yourself of me. I'm not a freak and neither are you. We are both valuable and precious human beings.

Now that I have recovered from bulimia and work as a Bulimia Recovery Coach - I can see that bulimia is so widespread and so common...

As many as 3 people in every hundred admit to having had issues with an Eating Disorders like bulimia at some point. That's those who admit it. I believe if bulimia was talked about openly and without feelings of shame, the number would be much higher.

Bulimia knows no boundaries... No gender boundaries, racial boundaries, continental boundaries... None. Working as a bulimia recovery coach has shown me that!

Bulimia is most definitely not just a ‘school girl disease’.

I’ve worked with...

Bulimia knows no boundaries.

Just as you would not curse me, or anybody else for having had bulimia - please do not curse yourself.

You deserve as much love, help and support as I deserved in my recovery.

Allow your loving and tender side to come out. Be kind to yourself.

You are a precious soul and you deserve your love and kindness.


To help spread the word of recovery, post something on your facebook page about Bulimia Awareness Day, which was yesterday... Bulimia Awareness day was set up by Polly Mertens to help spread the word about recovery! Click here to read more about Bulimia Awareness Day.




Article by Shaye Boddington
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