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Day 4 Bloating

by bumbum

I have suffered from bulimia for seven years. Four years ago I tried to stop and got extremely bloated even though I was eating incredibly healthy and had no idea what was happening. Because I was trying to recover alone, I didn't know anything about the bulimia bloat. While it is incredibly uncomfortable and disgusting to look at, it's such a relief to know that it is "normal" and temporary. I am very grateful for the brave ladies and lads out there who are sharing their stories so that others might benefit from their experiences. And thank you for the tips, I have a feeling that the bloat is a necessary part of recovery, but I look forward to trying some of the suggestions to ease the discomfort.

Today is day four for me. In the mirror, I look like I'm pregnant. And so I'm going with that. Perhaps the bulimia bloat is a form of rebirth for recovery. It still makes me want to hide in my apartment, but I'm not going to. One of the things I am so tired of, is hiding. While I was in the cycle of bingeing and purging I would often miss dates and parties from guilt, shame and depression. I've realized if I'm going to reclaim my life, I have to do it now. I am going to throw on my comfy sweater dress and proudly let the healing begin.

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