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There's no instant way to cure bulimia... But This Challenge Will Speed Up Your Recovery

I used to long for a quick and easy way to cure bulimia. I wanted to take a pill and wake up well...

But I knew, deep inside me, that recovery had to come from my own persistence and effort...

I knew that bulimia recovery meant learning to to treat myself with love and kindness, learning how to accept my body and learning how to eliminate the urges to binge...

I knew it would take time to learn all of these things. After all, I was going to be learning a whole new way of living. I gave up on my dreams of a quick and easy way to cure bulimia - and I began to walk with little steps, towards recovery.

In my case, it took many months to cure bulimia... But it was entirely worth it. I've been healthy and happy for over 7 years :)

In my journey, I learnt a meal time tip that helped me to re-connect with my body and listen to my signals of hunger and fullness...

With practice, it helped me to be present while eating and to get great satisfaction from normal amounts of food.

Use This Meal Time Tip To get true satisfaction from eating Normal amounts of food

When I was still battling with bulimia... I would eat at a million miles an hour. Literally pouring food into my mouth and swallowing it down without chewing at all.

This was a problem for 2 main reasons:

  1. Digestion starts in the mouth... By not chewing my food, I was basically inviting the bulimia bloat into my belly. Chewing our food thoroughly gives our digestion an awesome head start.

  2. When we plow through our food in a short space of time, we get little satisfaction from it. The eating experience is quick and devoid of joy. It's over and done with in just a few moments (now that never makes for much fun does it ;). However, when we take the time to eat... Focusing on chewing slowly and thoroughly... Even a small meal can give so much satisfaction!

Take Part in this recovery challenge to reconnect with your body

  1. Select a meal today or tomorrow where you'll have plenty of time to eat slowly with awareness. You might want to choose a time when you'll be able to have some privacy.

  2. Make sure that there are no distractions. No magazines, no TV, no people to talk to you, nothing. It's just you and your meal. (Have the time at hand)

  3. Take your meal to your private place and sit quietly for a 1-2 minutes before eating. Close our eyes and focus on your breath. Listen to the sounds your breath is making. Gently release any thoughts that come into your mind. Don't judge them, just accept them and release them.

  4. When you are ready, take your first bite of food. Have a look at it before you put it into your mouth. Notice it's colors and textures.

  5. As you place it in your mouth, close your eyes and gently start chewing. Chew slowly, focusing on being present and enjoying all the tastes, textures and temperatures in your mouth. Chew slowly, 30 (or more) times before swallowing. Count each chew in your mind.

  6. As you swallow this bite, notice how the food feels as it passes down your throat and into your stomach. Envision this food nourishing your body and mind.

  7. Continue taking bites of your meal following the guidelines above until you have finished.

  8. Once you have had enough food, or your plate is empty, close your eyes again and sit with yourself for 1-2 minutes (or more). Notice any feelings that come into your mind and gently release them. Focus on your breath.


Either after your meal or later, write down your observations and experiences in a notebook or bulimia journal...

If you're part of The Bulimia Recovery Program's private community, please share your experiences in the forum! If you're not a member yet, you can learn more about my program here.

Then, distract yourself into enjoyable daily activities. Celebrate yourself for taking part in this challenge! This is no quick trick to cure bulimia, but with practice, this tip will help you discover a lifetime of peace with food.

Awareness while you eat is a huge step towards health and happiness :)




Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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