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Crumbling or rotten teeth is a sign of bulimia

by Anonymous
(Planet Earth)

An example of bulimia teeth... look out for them

An example of bulimia teeth... look out for them

Yes, it sure is. Most bulimics suffer from bad teeth...

I am no exception.

Even though I recovered from bulimia many years ago - my teeth still pay the price.

Tonight when I was eating dinner, about 1/4 of my tooth crumbled off.

When do you stop paying for your days of bulimia?

Your teeth never stop paying the price.

And, because of this, I keep paying the dentist - and will again tomorrow. Dammit!

Keep an eye out for this sign of bulimia. It's a give away. If you're concerned about your child - speak to their dentist. Ask the dentist what they think.

It might seem like an invasion of their privacy - but you may be saving them from years of bulimia.

Shaye Says

Hi there!

I know what you mean about your teeth paying the price of bulimia! Mine still give me trouble to this day... 2 months ago I had another toot canal! But, at least they look good now I suppose!

That's why it's SO important for people who are suffering from bulimia to get help... You do pay the price of it forever... and the quicker you recovery the better.

Recovery can be difficult - but it IS possible. click here to read about how positive energy treatment helped Amy beat bulimia once and for all....

Stay strong - and remember you are beautiful - we all are!


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