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Could this be bulimia?

by Nicole

Hi, I am new to all of this so sorry if this all comes out jumbled. Basically the one thing I am wondering is "Do I have bulimia?" It is probably a stupid question, as I am sure you are bound to know when you or if you have it but I am just wondering. This doesn't happen all the time but it has been happening much more frequently lately. I have been eating then making myself sick after eating. At first I just thought it was a way of coping with the pain of my father dying in December last year, but I still carry on doing it. I don't just do it when I am sad, sometimes I do it then think to myself "Why did I do it?" It is my personal opinion, and it has been for several years now that I am overweight. Clinically I am not classed as obese but my weight has been a difficult thing for me. I have struggled with years of bullying and constant hate towards me to do with me weight. I do see myself as fat and overweight and everything else. I have tried things to lose weight, but I am on several medications due to health problems, one of which at most time requires a high dose of steriods, the legal type of course. As many people know these make you put on weight very easily. At times it feels like when I look at food I just eat the calories by looking at it. I do want to stop making myself sick, as I know that in the long run it is not good for my body. I want to stop hating on myself and just accept myself for who I am. In order to do that though, I think I need to find out if what I have is in actual fact bulimia or if it is just something which is a figment of my imagination.

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