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Could I go back to my recomended diet for a sensitive stomach?

by Ji

Hey Shaye,

You are making my life so much easier during those days. Thank you for that. There were all those questions hitting my mind and confusing me, but thanks to you I'm starting to see things clearer.

So back to the question. For about 3 days now I have my beloved PMS. I feel so depressed, sad, bloated, tired, sleepy, HUNGRY...on top of that I have a bad cold :( So yesterday I was eating A LOT! I did not binge, but I felt so hungry for meat, chocolate...everything. And I had a huge dinner. Anyway, I was not worried about the weight gain next day, coz I knew that my body probably needed that extra calories and I was like that before when I was healthy. The thing is that, it's has been 2 weeks now into my recovery, and during this time, I'v eaten whatever I felt like any time I wanted. My purpose was to stop being so worried about food. But at the same time, my stomach is has always been very sensitive (since I was a child) and having heavy dinners is NOT helping at all. In fact in the mornings, like this morning, I have a bad stomach ache, I experience nausea and things you wouldn't enjoy in the morning, so clearly I don't eat breakfast because I can't. The only way I could handle my sensitive tummy during my life before I got the Eating Disorder, was having my calories during the day with a good breakfast, good lunch, some snacks, and yogurt with a fruit for dinner. This way I still have enough calories but my stomach is resting during the night. When I was in active stage of the disorder I didn't have any care for my stomach, and during recovery I wanted to give my self time, to get used to eating normally. But now I think it is time to start eating for my health and my body again. So I could feel better. And my tummy will be grateful if a stop those evening feasts, coz those could cause some serious health concerns having in mind that I had a stomach hemorrhage (bleeding) when I was 5 year old. So if you could please advise me if this a good idea and what I should be careful about going back to my normal eating habits?

Thanks again!
You are an angel!


Shaye Says

Hey Ji!

Ouch - a stomach hemmorage at age 5 - that sounds horrible!

So obviously your tummy is a little more sensitive than most peoples... which is okay... You just need to test out different methods of coping with it...

You idea of eating most of your calories earlier on in the day and then easing off as you get towards sleep time is a good idea... In fact, for healthy and energetic living in most people - this is a good idea...

We need most of our calories during the active part of the day when we're moving, thinking, working etc. When we sleep we don't need that much...

Try having something light for dinner - a nice salad and some fruit... experiment with recipes until you find something yummy but light...

Then when you wake up you can have a nice hearty and healthy breakfast to set you off for the day...

Hang in there - I hope the dreaded PMS ends soon - it's a real bi*ch isn't it!?

Bye for now,

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Author of
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