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Coping with bloating

by Luce
(England, Bournemouth)

Heya :)

Just wandered, how you coped with the bloated feeling whilst trying to recover?

My main thing to purge alot was/is liquids.. i HATE feeling full. I'd sometimes rather have a bag of crisps than a cup of tea sometimes because liquids fill me up more = bloated = purge.

I've been bulimic for 4 years and was in hospital a month ago on a drip, then threatened with inpatient treatment and so I've decided to take this as a "its time to recover" moment. That, and the fact I wish to have a baby.

I've been doing well for about a week and a half now, completely cut out laxatives for the past 9 days (I was taking 33 a day before) and trying to hold one meal down a day (I was purging about 14x a day)... the thing i'm struggling with the most though, is bloatedness?

Obviously its fine when i'm lying down coz it just falls down flat, but standing up or sitting down - It's making me want to scream and just purge.

Luce xxx

Shaye Says

Hi Luce!

I know exactly how you feel! I used to battle big time with liquids... I remember at times throwing up just water... I couldn't stand having anything in my tummy!

The only way through this is to get used to it gradually... Step by step! What you're doing is a great start... Cutting out laxatives (AWESOME!!) holding one meal down - fantastic! This will slowly get your tummy used to eating and digesting! As your tummy heals, the speed at which it empties will increase... and the bloating will settle down and eventually disappear! :)

I promise bloating is temporary! You will heal! It's hard - but the rewards are worth it... Think about your future baby - it will be an amazing blessing!

Keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will get there!


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