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Coming to terms with Bulimia.

I've been struggling with Bulimia for about 5 years going from not that severe at all, to pretty bad. Family has never noticed, but there is one friend who I go to for help when needed. Tonight I realized I want to be done for good, and start on my path to recovery. The thing I'm terrified about is the bloating that you go through, especially since it's now bathing suit weather. I'm also worried about the weight gain I may go through. The thing that made me realize I needed help though, I found to be quite serious. I purged this afternoon and blood was mixed in with it (not a lot or anything, but definitely not a normal thing either), it's most likely an ulcer, but to be 18 and worried about all of this is scary. I feel so alone in it all, and I want to have support from those around me, but am too scared to tell them. I think I will start by telling my therapist at my appointment in a couple weeks, and then work my way up to that. I'm pretty sure my Mom had bulimia since I used to always hear her purging, so I know she would understand, it's just scary. This is actually the first time I've ever publicly write about it, and not going to lie, I find this scary as well. Well... wish me luck I guess, and I really hope this all gets easier!

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