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Changing Black and White Thinking to Healthy Thinking

by Tianna

I am a guilty player in the black and white thinking game...... I can see now that it contributes to my bulimia by setting me up to feel bad about myself and by making me more likely to binge.

I am not very good at taking action but I think this is a matter of living - or not truly living. In a way, action will be a matter of life or death.

Here is my first shot at taking action.....

My negative, black and white self talk with the new positive modification underneath......

NEGATIVE: I will never fit that dress by my wedding date, I'm too fat
POSITIVE: It's not realistic to try and fit that dress - it's a size 4!!!

NEGATIVE: My fiance will think I am disgusting if I can't lose weight
POSITIVE: My fiance is marrying me for me - not my body. Luckily he loves curves anyway.

NEGATIVE: I am bulimia
POSITIVE: I am capable of beating bulimia

NEGATIVE: I binged at lunch today - I have no self control and I am so fat
POSITIVE: Binging is to be expected if I restrict my food. It's healthy and normal to eat

At least it's a start. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else has to write. Lets do this girls - together!


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