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Caught on Thanksgiving, in the worst way!

by Cam

I had been bulimic for about 5 years before I was 'finally' caught by my mom. It was Thanksgiving at my parents house and there was more food around than you can even imagine. My parents live up in the mountains so the plumbing is really bad, toilets barely flush and clog easily, so I came up with the brilliant plan to purge in a garbage bag that I kept in my suitcase in my brother and sister's room, and I probably visited it 6-7 times throughout the day to deposit the enormous amount of food I was eating/sneaking. The end of the evening comes and I go to grab my stuff, reach down and pick up my suitcase......and it's empty.

My mom had been in the kids room and noticed the smell and found her way to it!!!! was all I could do to leave the room and return to the kitchen where she was sitting with the rest of the family. I excused myself and went home without saying anything, but needless to say that was the beginning of the end!!!

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