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Caught by boyfriend being sick

by Jo

I am 28 years old and have been bulimic since teenage years. I have been on and off with my boyfriend a year (on and off due to my crazy moods....). Bulimia has never been mentioned although he knows I limit my food intake but I think just assumed I had a slight problem with past anorexia....I guess anorexia is a nicer illness to admit to that the horrific reality of bulimia.
Last night we had some of his friends over for dinner, I ate a lot as usual, knowing it would t stay down. Afterwards I popped to toilet and quickly threw it up. My boyfriend went to the toilet after me....and that was that, we had a lovely evening and the friends left. As we lay in bed drifting off to sleep he suddenly said, 'you're sick went everywhere in the toilet. I had to wipe it off the walls and open the window'.
I was mortified. I did t says word...just lay in silence. And he said nothing more.
I'm utterly ashamed. Has he known all along? What do I do now? Has he always been wiping up my vomit without confronting me? I can't deal with it anymore. It's ruining everything.

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